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"Coming to Sunset High School has been one of the best decisions my parents and I have made. This school has done so much for me, and I have noticed myself change for the better. My grades have drastically raised, my writing skills have improved, and my social skills have strengthened. I feel that I have reached the goals I have set for myself. I have finished high school almost half a year early with a 3.45 GPA and have already been accepted to the Academy of Art in San Francisco."

"One of the biggest things that I take away today from Sunset is that I enjoy learning. Before this school, I hated learning, but somehow, my teachers made it enjoyable for me. It was no longer a chore for me to come to school, but something that I looked forward to every day. Sunset has altered my future in a good way, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I take away from this school new friends and great memories. I have had the best teachers who have helped me so much, not just in school but in life. I will remember my time at Sunset not as a punishment but as a blessing.
-Ben Fogelhut "

"Sunset is more like a big family than just a regular school. It’s a place where everyone is there for each other and wherever you go around the campus you have all these nice smiles heading your way and you know there is help for you whenever you need it. Sunset is a place that made me change completely, made me realize how life really is, and mature in such a way that I know how to handle hard situations. Group has been a huge influence that has taught me how to listen and care for others. The person I was when I came into this school is put away in the past, and now I am a whole new Keila, a girl who has matured over the past two years since I came to Sunset, and I am going to keep it positive for the rest of my life.
-Keila Guiterrez "

"The fact that Sunset is based upon self-directed learning taught me to be responsible and manage my time and assignments accordingly. It made me be more independent and take charge of situations. I also think that it made me learn more and get more out of every assignment. The personal relationships that the teachers and staff develop with the students are so wonderful. I definitely couldn’t have made it without all of their encouragement, help, and motivation. I had never been to a high school before this one that all of my teachers actually cared about me and knew me personally. It’s amazing how much more success can be brought about by that. I enjoy being in charge and in control, but things like that don’t come effortlessly. I finally learned that lesson. Sunset has given me the most positive high school and learning experience I could have ever asked for."

"When I think of the decision I was stuck with a year and a half ago, whether or not to switch to Sunset, I can’t even imagine my life without Sunset in it. Without making my change to Sunset, I don’t think I would have been graduating right now, especially the way I am, healthy, happy, and successful. I owe most of my success to my teachers and advisors who have taken the time to deal with me while I was in trouble and help me realize where my life was taking me. "

"The thing that I will take from Sunset’s experience is the way I understand people more. I really had a hard time trying to trust people, but at Sunset the teachers and the students helped me understand that not everyone is the same way. During these past months, I learned how to cooperate with people, listen to myself, and understand what is true in me."

"Sunset has not only offered me strength and motivation, but it has also taught me to be myself. I have been able to express who I am and not get shamed for it. I have learned that the only way I can succeed is if I want to do it. I have to take the responsibility for my own life and make it happen. I think Sunset has offered me a place where I know I am safe, and I know I always have someone who will listen when I need someone to talk to.
-Alejandra Bello "

"At Sunset I’ve learned what it feels like to be cared about and also to be taken care of.
-Skye Simonelli "

"I have only been attending Sunset High School for about three months, but it has definitely changed me for the better. I have higher expectations of myself now that Sunset has helped me realize my potential. The biggest lesson I learned while attending Sunset is to challenge myself and to keep motivated. Next year I will carry these valuable lessons with me.
-Shelby Barsch "

"Since I have been here [at Sunset], I feel I have changed every day as a person. This school has given me the chance to be myself and succeed in my own personal health. All of the activities at Sunset have given me an opportunity and have helped me learn about myself in a lot of ways that I will take with me throughout my life to become a better person.
-Alyssa Somers "

"Sunset has offered so much support that I literally have too much to take in at once. The teachers are extraordinary in every way since they are always willing to help with any problems you may have whether about school or not. Sunset has helped me learn how to become a respectable, trustworthy, honest young man who will work my hardest at whatever I pursue as a career. Sunset has shown me that I’m capable of doing anything I set my mind to.
-Jordan Abell "

"The personal relationships that the teachers and staff develop with the students are so wonderful. I definitely couldn’t have made it without all of their encouragement, help, and motivation. I had never been to a high school before this one where all of my teachers actually cared about me and knew me personally. It’s amazing how much more success can be brought about by that."

"Here [at Sunset] I have met some of the most important people who have changed my life and made me what I am now and what I probably will be forever. The teachers have encouraged me to take risks and to rise above anything that life will throw my way. Sunset saved and changed my life in ways that can’t even by described in words. Because of my experiences here, I will never lose sight of who I am and never forget the people and the school that made me what I am."

"My Sunset experience has been the best. I have met teachers who have taken time out of their day to speak to students to tell them that they are capable of doing anything that they set their minds to. The staff at Sunset High is very caring, and I will never forget the wonderful teachers who had faith in me."

"The environment at Sunset also allowed me to explore my academic growth freely. Since I didn’t have pressure to be at a certain place at a certain time to learn certain material, I took it upon myself to experience new ideas and methods for learning. I think by giving students this kind of free space, it enforces the value of responsibility in them."

"Another great thing unique to Sunset is support group. Being involved in a group helped me become a better listener. I show more respect for others and have a broader understanding of the different kinds of problems we as humans face. I am also grateful of having this as an outlet to express some of my own feelings and goals. I think it is just as important to share your personal thoughts as it is to hear others."

"Sunset is the perfect example of a diverse yet unified community. The staff and students make the perfect environment for personal growth."

"The way that the teachers here work with kids and bend over backwards for their needs is phenomenal. I have never seen so much dedication that these teachers have for their students anywhere else. They are the backbone behind a student and offer infinite possibilities and chances for a student to accomplish his or her dreams."

"Sunset has taught me that small amounts of people can be made up of all winners. It has taught me never to prejudge anything. I once thought of Sunset as "the bad kid school", and here I am, about to graduate from it, and I couldn’t be more proud"