In this site, you will find valuable information about the philosophy, activities and people who make Sunset an exciting learning community. This site is created to serve students, parents, and our community. These pages show the daily activities and expectations at Sunset, including special events, career days and clubs. We also know Sunset students will find their interests, work and effort well represented here. Sunset High School is a fantastic place to be. It provides space, support and structure to really assist students who have a desire to direct their own development. We are sure you will find this site a valuable tool and a reflection of the multifaceted and talented students and staff who make Sunset High School such a great place to learn. 

Mission Statement

Sunset High School develops respectful, responsible, self-directed learners by fostering a safe, supportive, and flexible learning environment in which students can experience academic success and personal growth.

Vision Statement

We inspire students to strive, learn and succeed, thus encouraging students to manifest their potential.

Sunset Motto

Respect and Responsibility


A Seminar presentation on October 6th, 2014
at La Costa Canyon HS
For more information, please click here.


Requests for Communication Accommodations

·         On September 4, 2014, the Board of Trustees adopted a new administrative regulation addressing communication accommodations for persons who have a hearing ,vision or speech impairment.

       Requests for Communication Accommodations: auxiliary aids or services needed for effective communication to qualified persons who have a hearing, vision, or speech impairment may be made available for any District sponsored event, program, or activity.  Please inquire with the site’s administration office at least eight business days before the event to make a request.”

·       District sponsored programs, events or activities may be defined as, but not limited to, Performance, Athletic Events and Graduation Ceremonies. .

·      Requests must be made in writing on the form noted in the AR (Admin. Regulation).

      For more information, please refer to  Communication Accommodation BP 0410; 4100.2;4200.2; and 5145.3/AR-2.



Around Campus

For Enrollment Packets and Appointments, 
please contact
call 760-753-3860, ext. 5534

Sunset HS and
North Coast Alternative High School
684 Requeza Street
Encinitas, CA 92024

If you are interested in the 
Adult Education High School Diploma Program
please contact:
Mrs. Michele Brown
760-753-3860, ext. 5602
or email:


Please do not visit your Adult Ed. teachers
on the Sunset HS campus 
during school hours (8:30am-1:30pm).
Thank you!

News & Events

A Superintendent's Forum will be held on Thursday, October 9, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm in the Canyon Crest Academy Proscenium Theatre.  Click here for more details.


The deadline for applications is Friday, October 3rd

If you do not have a new application approved for this school year, 
$3.75 per meal is required beginning Tuesday, Oct. 7th

Menus and Applications for the Free & Reduced Meal Program are available at SDUHSDNutrition.com or through the main SDUHSD website, SDUHSD.net. From the SDUHSD.net homepage, go to Quick Links on the right, middle side of the page. Select Nutrition Services.PIN numbers are used to access student accounts in the lunch lines. PIN numbers are available at the cafeteria, or by calling the main Nutrition Services office located at Oak Crest Middle School at 760-753-6241, ext. 3426. PIN numbers change when a student moves to another school within our District.

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