Expected School-Wide Learning Results

Sunset High School Prepares its Graduates to Be:Top of Page

Self-directed learners who
  1. reflect on and monitor their own academic and personal growth.
  2. develop and use effective strategies to overcome obstacles and become lifelong learners.
  3. recognize and adhere to appropriate behavior that will aid in their social and academic development.
  4. effectively use technology

Collaborative workers who
  1. exhibit communication and group interaction skills.
  2. employ problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  3. demonstrate concern, tolerance and respect for others while valuing diversity in groups.

Effective communicators who
  1. use self-expression to explore ideas and emotions.
  2. read, write, speak and listen effectively and critically.

Critical thinkers who
  1. use a variety of resources to obtain pertinent information.
  2. develop logical conclusions as evidenced by completion of standards-based curriculum.

Responsible citizens who
  1. respect and appreciate individual and cultural diversity.
  2. take the initiative to contribute, through service, to the school and community.

Resilient individuals who
  1. value and strive for mental, emotional and physical well-being.
  2. demonstrate adaptability and personal growth.
  3. seek creative, positive, non-violent resolution to conflict.
  4. accept responsibility for their actions.