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High School Graduation Requirements and A-G Requirements

Chart of Grad and A-G Requirements
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California High School Proficiency Examination Program

The High School and Physical Fitness Assessment Office has posted the 2017–18 CHSPE Flyer for Students in Grades Eleven and Twelve including the Spanish translation. The CHSPE regulations state that the school district superintendent shall require the principal of each school maintaining either or both grades eleven and twelve to distribute this flyer to each pupil in those grades in sufficient time to enable interested pupils to meet all examination registration requirements for the fall test. These regulations and the CHSPE Flyer can be found on the California Department of Education CHSPE Administration Documents Web page at or on
For questions about the CHSPE program or policies, please contact the High School and Physical Fitness Assessment Office by e-mail at  or by phone at 916‑445‑9449. For CHSPE administration questions, contact the Sacramento County Office of Education, CHSPE contractor, by e-mail at or by phone at 866-342-4773.